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Our company has 30 years' experience in the nursery business, during which time we have become specialists in the production and marketing of small and medium-sized plants such as olive, citrus, fig and medlar trees and mimosas.

The pr..
Certified Firm
In the knowledge that the attainment of our strategic aims depends on the on-going improvement of our Company, we have dicided to adopt, implement and maintain in operation an Integrated Management Sy..
Olive shrub 18
Ø vaso plastica
H cm 45-50+
Olive stem 36
Ø vaso rosso dek plastica
H cm 170-180+
Olive shrub 20 in Terra..
Ø vaso terracotta
H cm 55-60+
Olivo cespuglio 14
Ø vaso colorato
H 30-35+
Olivo alberello 26
Ø vaso colorato
H 150-160+
Olive shrub 16 in Terra..
Ø vaso terracotta
H cm 35-40+


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